I'm employed as a software developer in York, UK; and I'm also involved in the administration of the Dota 2 Wiki (Curse), The Portal Wiki (independant), and the Official Team Fortress Wiki (Valve).

I'm experienced with programming in various languages, though I'm most adept in PHP, Python, and Javascript. You can see some of my personal projects on my GitHub profile, though I don't actively maintain any personal projects at present.

I've experience managing various Linux systems (my servers run Ubuntu, my laptop runs Arch Linux, our work servers run Debian and CentOS). My desktop PC (primarily used for gaming) runs Windows 10. My mobile devices run Android.

I also own some Bitcoins. Crypto-currencies are cool, if slightly useless right now.

Want to know anything else?


A Dota 2 replay archival and out-of-client downloading service.

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Crypto Map

A map of crypto-currency accepting merchants around the world, powered by OpenStreetMap.

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